2021 Calendar

Thursday, January 7 - 1st quarter Leadership Team Meeting Friday, February 12 - Parent’s Night Out Sunday, March 7 - Team Time, Safety Procedures Training Sunday, March 28 - Easter Jam Sunday, April 4 - Easter Thursday, April 15 - 2nd quarter Leadership Team Meeting Saturday, April 17 - 7 Hills Day (all day special event for 4&5th graders) Wednesday, April 21 - Moms & Tots Sunday, May 9 - Mother’s Day Baby Dedication Sunday, June 20 - Father’s Day Monday, July 5 - Friday, July 9 - WinShape Day Camp at PVN Thursday, July 22 - 3rd quarter Leadership Team Meeting Sunday, August 8 - Back to School Jam Friday, September 17 - Parent’s Night Out Sunday, September 26 - Team Time, First Aid & Infant CPR October - Marriage Retreat Thursday, October 7 - 4th quarter Leadership Team Meeting Sunday, November 21 - Thanks for Giving (Vol. Appreciation breakfast) Sunday, December 5 - Jingle Jam Sunday, December 19 - Birthday Party for Jesus Sunday, December 26 - Pancakes & Pajamas

Sunday Mornings

9:00AM - Prayer in Check-In Lobby 9:15AM - Team Members in place and ready to serve 9:30AM - First Worship Experience Begins (see team member expepectations for more details Toddlers & Preschool: 9:40AM - Storytime 9:55AM - Craft Time 10:15AM - Snack Time 10:30AM - Ready for Parent Pick-Up Back Hallway: 9:30AM - 9:45AM - Plug In with Small Groups 9:45AM - K-3 in Large Group for 252 Story 9:50AM - Bring 4&5 in Large Group for welcome, game, worship, prayer & closer (utilizing starter script or FX script) 10:10AM - Dismiss K-3 to Small Group / Play So & So Show for 4&5 10:22 - 4&5 Back to Small Group 10:30AM - Ready for Parent Pick up 10:45AM - 11 Team Members in Place and Ready to Serve 11:00AM - 2nd Worship Experience Begins (see team member expecations for more details) Toddlers & Preschool: 11:10AM - Story Time 11:25AM - Craft Time 11:45AM - Snack Time 12:00PM - Ready for Parent Pick-up Back Hallway: 11:00AM - 11:15AM - Plug In with Small Group 11:15AM - Begin Large Group, Utilizing 252 Script 11:40AM - Dismiss to Small Group 12:00AM - Ready for Parent Pick-up

Monthly Happenings

FIRST SUNDAY - Discover LIFE During 11:00AM Worship Experience SECOND SUNDAY - Worship with Mrs Cheryl (for little ones) during 9:30AM service THIRD SUNDAY - Baptisms FOURTH SUNDAY - Worship with Mrs Cheryl (for little ones) during 11:00AM service

Scheduling & Serving

  • Serve 1, Attend 1
  • 2x a month, like 1&3 Sunday of each month
  • Schedule is prepared monthly, 3 month schedule will be posted in each classroom
  • Serving reminder will be sent via text Friday morning prior to each Sunday
  • Be sure to let the hallway coordinator know if you are unable to serve as scheduled and
  • who will be serving in your place
  • Utilizing org chart find replacement, switch Sundays with someone, etc
  • When scheduled, team members should wear KL t-shirt & lanyard
Every environment includes an age-appropriate lesson: bed babies & crawlers- the lesson is monthly and posted in the classroom Toddlers, Preschool, and Elementary - the lesson is weekly and the theme and memory verse are monthly. Weekly lessons are emailed by the month to the team members scheduled. Parent Cues and Memory Verse Cards (preschoolers) are to be sent home with a child monthly, God Time cards (for elementary aged kids) weekly.

Safety & Security

To maintain the safest environments on Sunday morning for our children, families, and team members, we ask that parents remain at the ½ doors. Only team members who are currently serving that month are allowed down the halls and in the classrooms. Check-in: Every child must be checked in using our system in either CCB (for regular attenders) or as a First Time Guest (FTG). This is to ensure the child’s safety as well as ours. Children need to keep their tags on them throughout their time with us. Check-out: At the time of pick-up, the hallway host/hostess will match the child’s tag with the parent’s tag. Parents must present this tag in order to pick up their child. Reprints are available at the check-in desk. * It is helpful as the worship experience begins to close (band begins to play again) begin to get children ready for dismissal by having their belongings together (shoes on, jackets etc,) and team members at the doorway to be ready to assist with dismissal. We don’t want to keep parents waiting and a line to form in the lobby.* Allergies & Medical Conditions: At the time of check-in if a child has a known medical condition or allergy their name tag should indicate this as so:

  • Red dot sticker = Medical Condition
  • Blue dot sticker = Allergy
A current list of children with medical and allergy conditions will be in the Team Member binder in each classroom. Custody Concerns: be aware that a child could be in a sensitive situation when it comes to parental custody. If you at any time become aware of a custody situation that needs our attention communicate that to your team lead and our Security Coordinator. This is another reason why the numbers on the name tag must match the parent pick-up tag. Evacuation Procedures: If at anytime the classroom needs to be evacuated, remain calm, quickly do a headcount, utilize the Go Bag located behind the door, and then quietly and calmly lead students out by proper exit following the path marked out in RED on the map posted in each classroom to the designated safety area. The Go Bag contains: flashlight, walking rope with handles: leaders at each end and children in the middle, large sheet, Classroom sign, Help sign, clipboard and pen for parental pick-up. Once safely out of the building and in the designated safety area, recount your children, lay the sheet out for them to all sit on and hold up the classroom sign, so parents know where to locate their child. If help is needed due to an injury, incorrect head count, etc. hold up the help sign. As parents arrive, please have them sign their child out on the clipboard and paper provided. Hazardous Weather Condition: At the time of a hazardous weather condition identified by our Security Coordinator, hallway host or team lead will notify you that the class needs to seek shelter. At this time do a quiet and quick headcount and then assemble all children and teachers along a permanent inside wall. This wall is marked blue on your map located in the classroom. Children should crouch down along the wall on their knees, head forward, with their hands clasped over their neck. Children should remain in this position until the “all clear” is given by your team lead. Lockdown Procedure: In an emergency situation that is necessary for the KidLIFE environments to be locked down as identified by our Security Coordinator and the LIFE Church Security team, the hallway host or team lead will notify you that the class needs to lockdown. At this time remain calm, and do a quick and quiet headcount. Lock all doors and windows immediately. If a door can’t be locked, attempt to quickly block the door with heavy items such as a table or bookcase. Never open doors or windows unless ordered to do so by the Security Coordinator. Turn off lights and close the blinds and curtains. Instruct children to stay low and away front he windows and doors. Keep children inside the classroom. Remain inside and under lockdown until you receive an “all clear” from the Security Coordinator. Suspected Child Abuse: If you at any time you are concernd about the safety and well being of a child in your care, contact the hallway coordinator. With issues such as these it is imperative that we always go up the organizational chart to the leadership above us. This is for the protection of everyone involved. Do not discuss concerns with peers or fellow team members, but go directly to the leader of your ministry area. Missing Child: if a child in our care at any time goes missing, notify the team lead right away. He or she will then work with Ladon Lively, the KidLIFE Security Coordinator as well as the LIFE Church security team to do a through search of the campus. Team lead will notify parents of the incident.

Policies & Procedures

Please notify the team lead if a child in your environment is experiencing any of these symptoms. The child will be removed from the class and parents will be notified. This will be the responsibility of the team lead and if assistance is needed in contacting the parents, Laura Waitt, CCB specialist can assist. The CCB system allows parents to be contacted via text. Child Illness and Injuries: If a child gets sick or injured in our environment, it is critical we communicate that to the parent via a BooBoo Report. At the time of illness or injury, please seek the assistance of the team lead and he or she will determine the next course of action needed. We are not allowed to administer any type of pain medication without written authorization from the parent. Diapering & Bathroom Policy: when diapering or taking a child to the bathroom, utilize the buddy system. If two team members are not present, have the hallway host/hostess assist you. For example, he or she can stand at the bathroom door while assisting a child. When to Get a Parent (from the worship experience): We want to try every other possible solution than interperput a parent’s worship experience. Utilize help from your hallway hots/hostess. It may take one on one with the child. In the case of a disciple issue - some tips to try: redirect the behavior with another activity or task, a time out, a think about chair or bench, a conversation with another leader. In the case of inconsolable crying - some tips to try: walking the hallways, bouncing in front of a classroom window, working on a quiet task like a puzzle or reading/looking through a book together. Don’t forget the power of prayer! And let others help - do not be afraid to seek the team lead, Mandy or Pastor Eric. Kimbelry Reynolds, Special Needs Coordinator is also a valuable tool in these times. (These leaders #s are all on the chart located in this handbook as well as posted in each classroom) Notifying a parent will be the responsibility of the team lead or hallway coordinator who will work with Laura Waitt or Check-in team member to utilize the CCB system via a text to the parent. If the situation was controlled enough for the parent to make it through the worship experience, please be sure to communicate the situation to the team lead and then he or she will decide how to proceed with a conversation with parents. We always want to work together to honor our families and our team members and help to create the best Sunday morning environments possible.

Locations & Map

The check-in lobby is the large area used by our Frontline team to engage and connect with parents. The check-in desk and self check-in stations are also located in this area. Team Members can find their lanyards on the counter behind the check-in desk and should pick them up and return them here each week serving. The front hallway (the one closest to John Davenport) is our nursery - preschool environments with classrooms including: bed babies, toddlers, crawlers, and two preschool rooms, 2&3 year olds and 4&5 year olds as well as a multi-purpose playroom, two children restrooms, and a laundry/storage room. The back hallway is our elementary environment for children in kindergarten - 5th grade with three small group rooms (K&1st grade, 2nd & 3rd grade, and 4th & 5th grade), a multi purpose rooms used for large group, two restrooms, and three storage, prop, and resource closets. There is also a doorway on this hallway leading to the church office area.

Team Member Expectations

All KidLIFE team members:

  • Must complete a background check
  • Wear KL t-shirt & lanyard at time of service
  • Attend 9am prayer time in check-in lobby, then either serve or attend the worship experience, and then if served, attend = serve 1, attend 1
  • Greet other team members on your hall and communicate any needs to your team lead
  • Greet children with a smile and help them to feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Engage the children by asking about their week, what they are excited about for the day, etc.
  • encourage and demonstrate kind behavior, sharing and following directions to create consistency week to week
  • time out and redirection should be used for discipleship
  • use the Hallway host/hostess for assistance if needed at any time during the
  • service, i.e bathroom/diapering, additional supplies, more copies, extra hands or lap
Bed Babies: Location: Front hallway - first classroom on left Baby Check In
  • Familiarize yourself with baby and his/her needs through the check in ½ page sheet received at drop off or if baby is a regular attender check the little clothesline for his/her sheet
  • Change every baby’s diaper prior to sending home
  • Use round stickers (bulletin board above changing table) to inform parents of diaper change details
  • Use gloves and sanitize hands and changing area after each change
  • Use diapers & wipes provided in baby’s diaper bag, if none provided diapers and wipes can be found in top drawer of changing table
  • Place poopy diapers in small sacks before dumping in trash
  • While changing baby’s diaper utilize monthly lesson with song & prayer posted above
  • changing station
Baby Check Out
  • Fill in check out ½ sheet (labeled bin above)
  • Place it and a monthly Parent Cue (labeled bin above) in baby’s diaper bag after each service
  • Place small toys to be sanitized in teal bucket
  • Place used linens in laundry basket
  • Disinfect larger items with spray and wipes
Toddlers: Location: Front hallway Arrival (15 minutes prior to service): Look through Sunday “box”, read story, set up craft, check you have all supplies for the day (diapers, wipes, waters, snack, etc.). As kids are checking in hang up their bags, take any note cards on allergies/special requests from parents, label activities with kid’s names to send home. Kids play until service starts. 9:40/11:10AM: Have kids clean up from playing and gather on the carpet or at the table to do story time and learn the bible verse. Play the activity that goes with the story. If they remember last weeks activity and story you can do both and remind them so they connect week to week the verse and what we are teaching about Jesus. 9:55/11:25AM: Craft time! Remember to put with their bag or set out separate to dry if applicable so it goes home when they are picked up after service. 10:15/11:45AM: Snack time! 10:25/11:55AM: Kids play until service ends! End of service: Make sure to relay any pertinent information to parents/guardians picking up child (if applicable relay information to Mandy Perry). Put all toys for your service time in the applicable bucket. Use sanitizer spray to disinfect toys that do not go into the toy bin, tables, door handles, switches. Tidy up for the next service or for end of Sunday going into the next week. Preschool: Location: Front hallway Arrival (15 minutes prior to service): Look through Sunday “box”, read over story, set up craft, make sure you have clean toys ready for service time. As kids are checking in hang up their bags, take any note cards on allergies/special requests from parents, label activities with kid’s names to send home. Kids play until service starts. 9:45/11:15AM: Have kids clean up from playing and gather on the carpet or at the table to do story time and learn the bible verse. Play the activity that goes with the story. If they remember last weeks activity and story you can do both and remind them so they connect week to week the verse and what we are teaching about Jesus. 10/11:30AM: Craft time! Remember to put with their bag or set out separate to dry if applicable so it goes home when they are picked up after service. 10:15/11:45AM: Snack time! 10:25/11:55AM: Kids play until service ends! End of service: Make sure to relay any pertinent information to parents/guardians picking up child (if applicable relay information to Mandy Perry). Put all toys for your service time in the applicable bucket. Use sanitizer spray to disinfect toys that do not go into the toy bin. Tidy up for the next service or for the end of Sunday going into the next week. Elementary Small Group Leader: Morning Win: to create a safe, friendly and fun environment where children can be discipled Location: Back hallway - K&1, 2&3, OR 4&5 Be Consistent: children need it! It is imperative that we are consistent in order to establish most importantly a relationship with the kids in your small group and then order and expectations:
  • Respect: we expect the kids to respect their leaders (YOU), each other &
  • themselves
  • Participation: we expect kids to participate in the games, activities and
  • discussion with a good attitude
  • Growth: we expect kids to grow in their relationship with Christ, their
  • leader (YOU) & each other
Be Present: not just in body, but in mind and heart too! As soon as the first child arrives until the last one is picked-up, engage and interact with him or her. Never leave a child unattended. Utilize the hallway host/hostess, student assistants, or large group team for needs like supplies, copies, etc. If you need to leave due to an emergency, the team lead and hallway coordinator will assist in finding someone to take your place. Be Prepared: read over the lesson prior to children arriving, know what the morning’s lesson is about and which activities you are going to lead. This ensures the class will run smoothly and will give structure to the morning. Elementary Large Group: Morning Win: engage kids’ hearts through a dynamic and interactive Bible story, worship and prayer experience in a large group setting Location: Back hallway - Multipurpose Room Be the Example: Show the kids how to worship, listen, participate, and engage in the lesson. Sit with your small group. The only team members in the tech booth should be running Pro, lights or sound. Be on the Lookout: have ears, eyes and heart open to that child that needs some extra encouragement to engage in the large group time. We don’t want children sitting on the walls, detached from what is happening. Any disciple issues need to be addressed one on one with a child, not from the platform in front of the whole group. If you see something brewing that could be an issue, step in and stop it. Separate rowdy kids, give a friendly reminder, etc. Be the Encourager: Suggest kids who are making good choices for the game. If a child cannot do what is expected on the carpet then he/she doesn’t need to be on the platform. Shower on the compliments, brag on good choices and special accomplishments, celebrate the good as often as possible. Large Group Roles: Tech: running Pro Presenter, lights and sound. This team member is responsible for following along with the script and cueing the needed media elements, lights and sound Worship: leading at least 2 worship songs pre-selected and prepared, per worship experience. Older kids are welcome to assist or lead in this role Host: leading the welcome, game, and closer which should always include the Life App, Memory Verse and Bottom Line of the Day. Scripts are available to assist with wording and preparation. 9:30 - FX or Starter 11 - 252 Basics Storyteller: leading the Bible story as outlined in the script. 9:30 utilizes media to tell the bible story (he 252 Story for K-3 and the So & So Show for 4&5) Hallway Host/Hostess: Morning Win: to instill confidence in parents and to be a supportive liaison between the frontline and the classroom teachers/small group leaders Location: at each ½ door on both the front and back hallways Time: at least 15 minutes prior to worship experience until last child has been picked up
  • Warm and friendly greeting, always smile
Dropping Off:
  • Engage families and assess the needs, (for example if bed baby, then have the parent fill out the Baby Check-in form), gather all pertinent items and info from the parent. Since parents are not allowed down the halfway to directly talk with teachers, you must relay any info and items and ensure the child is properly checked-in and his/her tag indicates any allergies or medical conditions.
  • Assist the child back to their age-appropriate classroom
During Worship Exp:
  • Oversee that classroom sizes and teacher to child ratios are in good shape, and children are settling in well for the morning. If needs arise, make changes and get extra help as needed.
  • Assist teachers with any supply needs, diapering or bathroom help, and begin to familiarize yourself with day’s attendance for pick-up.
  • Notify teachers when worship exp. begins to close (band returns to platform/Pastor Jason is praying, etc.)
Parent Pick-Up:
  • warm greeting like, “did you all enjoy the service”, or “we had such a great morning, hope you did too”
  • Collect security tag from parent, use attendance list to verify name and age of child, retrieve child from classroom assisting with items (crafts, diaper bags,
  • Parent Cues/God Time Cards), make sure tag from parent matches tag on child, and send the family off with a “have a great week” or “see you next time”
  • If there is any information needed to be shared with a parent, please relay it to in a respectful and loving way
Frontline Team: Greeter: Morning Win: to create a welcoming and comfortable introduction to KidLIFE Location: double doors at check-in lobby Time: 15 minutes prior to worship experience, 15 minutes into worship experience Ex: 11 worship experience, at the doors by 10:45, continue greeting until 11:15
  • Warm & friendly greeting
  • Alert for any opportunity where you can step in and assist a family (if it is an ipad/printer problem, guide to Check-in team member at desk)
  • Always smile, even when they are frowning
  • Learn names of family & children as soon as you can
  • Always be excited about everything
  • Be knowledgeable about KL procedures, events and leadership so you can share with families and answer questions or connect them with who can answer their questions (trainings, the weekly email and 9am KL prayer time are the place to get informed)
    • You all should make plans to attend our Easter Jam on March 28. You can sign up here!
    • Did you know we offer a Discover LIFE class the 1st Sunday of every month so you can meet our staff, see the environments and hear about the mission and vision of LIFE Church. Let me introduce you to Pastor Eric who leads this ministry.
Navigator: Morning Win: to navigate the journey of KidLIFE for a family from check-in to dismissal instilling confidence in parents and children to love our ministry Location: middle of check-in lobby Time: 15 minutes prior to worship experience, additional time as needed during worship exp. for follow-up responsibilities, and connecting with family after worship exp., if needed
  • Warm & friendly greeting always wearing a smile
  • Alert for first time guests (FTG); they typically look lost, confused or seem timid
  • Once identified & connected with a FTG, take to check-in desk to fill out
  • snapshot card
    • Help families by explaining the KidLIFE hallways, bathrooms, security tags, ipads, etc
    • Give a special escort to the child to their hallway and be sure to introduce them to the gatekeeper and let parents know this will be where they pick-up their child and show their pick-up ticket at dismissal
    • Provide parents with KL resources (welcome letter, parking pass, if applicable, and First Time Guest QR code) so they can learn all about our ministry
  • Learn names of family & children as soon as you can to best connect
  • Be knowledgeable about KL procedures, events and leadership so you can share with families and answer questions or connect them with who can
Check-in: Morning Win: implementing a safe, reliable and speedy check-in process for families instilling confidence in parents Location: at the check-in desk Time: 15 minutes prior to worship experience until all kids are safely picked-up **Check-in Handbook has outlined details for operating CCB and how to work with printers and ipads** Drop-Off:
  • Warm & friendly greeting always wearing a smile, ready to connect with families
  • Be available and alert for any needs/issues with the printers, iPads, or check-in resources
  • Assist Navigator with getting a FTG family checked in. Parent’s must fill out short contact info and the child must have FTG name tag. Make sure the parent is aware of the security tag and how and where to present that at the time of pick-up.
During Worship Exp.:
  • Be available to contact parent using the CCB system if asked by team lead or hallway coordinator
  • Be willing and available to assist with any pressing needs that may arise during the service
  • Print out the attendance sheet for either the 9:30 or the 11 and place it at ½ door for hallway host/hostess
Parent Pick-up:
  • Be willing to assist where needed, if line begins to form or hallway host/hostess needs help
  • Send families off with a cheerful, “see you next week” or “have a great week

Leading a KidLIFE environment

Background check: every team member over 18 must have a current background checkon file with LIFE Church. It is a simple process done via email. Background checks must be done every two years.

  • Two adult leaders per classroom or One adult leader with a Student Assistant
    • Must be 18 years or older to serve in bed babies
  • Child to Teacher Ratios: In bed babies - 1 adult to 2 babies, In crawlers - 1 adult to crawlers, In toddlers - 1 adult to 4 toddlers, In preschool and above - 1 adult to 8 children
  • Training: KL offers bi-annual training for all team members, and a potential new team member must shadow a Sunday morning environment prior to being scheduled in that particular environment. Shadow, Schedule, Serve is our order of onboarding new team members. It is the responsibility of the team lead or hallway coordinator to schedule someone to shadow and then communicate that to the team member who he/she will be shadowing with.
  • Utilizing the Curriculum: we are not daycare, we are ministry! Utilize the lesson provided in each classroom to ensure we are planting seeds of God’s Word and prayer in each little heart each and every Sunday God gives us with His children. Be sure to send home crafts, activities and take home resources. If time runs short, send the activities with the children to finish at home. Never underestimate what God can do with one verse, one story, one craft, one song!
  • Be prepared: spend some time praying for the morning. Read over the lesson and familiarize yourself with the day’s activities and story. Learn what works best in your environment for your group of kids, follow the suggested outline for the morning, make the most of each minute by engaging with the kids, and pray for them by name before they leave.
  • Classroom Cleanliness: sanitize your classroom with disinfectant spray at the end of each worship experience and wipe down all hard surfaces, such as tables and chairs with disinfectant wipes. Be sure to see specific cleaning instructions in the expectations posted in each classroom. Keep the classroom neat and tidy and throw away any damaged or broken items. Let the team lead know of any maintenance needs.
  • Classroom Supplies: each classroom should be equipped for a terrific Sunday morning experience for you and the children in your care this includes:
    • necessities like tissues, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, and wipes for hands & faces, diapering supplies
    • age-appropriate toys and accessories
    • all specific items needed for that day’s lesson
    • general crafting supplies like crayons, markers, glue sticks, tape (as age-appropriate)
    • take home resources including Parent Cues, Memory Verse Cards, and God Time Cards
    • snack supplies, including prepackaged snack, water, and cups (an allergy sensitive option should always be available)
If your classroom is missing, runs out of any of the above items or needs additional items, be sure to let the hallway host/hostess know. He/She will take care of getting what you need. Do not at any time leave the classroom unattended.

First Time Guests

These special guests should be identified in the lobby by our frontline team. The parents will be informed by our navigator of all things KidLIFE. Once a child is back in our environments, a handwritten tag will denote he/she is a FTG. This tag will look different from the automated ones from the CCB system. Be mindful that they are new and need a special welcome and detailed info about what we do and how we do it. Be patient and remember how you felt your 1st time at KL.

Parent Interaction

Remember parents are not allowed down the hallway, so going to them is the option on Sunday mornings. When you had a great morning with a child or something special you would like to share with a child’s parent, please walk with the child at the time of pick-up and engage with the parents. Having the Check-in team member assist you in sending a text to the parents via our CCB system is also an option. And as always postcards and notecards are available too (on counter behind check-in desk). You write the note, we will take care of getting it addressed and stamped.